9 Songs to Honor Thy Father

9 Songs to Honor They Father Wind Mountain Ranch

9 Songs to Honor They Father Wind Mountain Ranch

With Father’s Day on Sunday, I’ve been scurrying around the last two days trying to get everything in order. Usually I have my list done by now, but this year I’m struggling for last-minute ideas and finds. I’ll blame it on this murky weather we’re having in the Pacific Northwest. (Seriously, when is it ever 55 degrees in June?! Somebody look that up for me.)

Anyways, we are a relatively low-key family when it comes to these types of holidays, so we go for simple. But I want to make sure the father’s in my life know they are appreciated and loved.

So that’s why I ventured out last night, at the expense of my children’s bed time, to find gifts for my dad, my father-in-law and my husband. Luckily, my kids already found their father a gift (thank goodness!), but I usually do something from me, too. Again, simple, but something to say, thank you and that you are much loved.

I basically found nothing. The ideas I had led me nowhere. So I bought something for my husband out of desperation only to get home and realize that he already had it. Okay, I suck.

Before I came home, I stopped at the grocery store since our refrigerator is completely empty besides beer and milk, I kid you not. While gazing the front of the store while I stand in line, I see the gift card kiosk… Crap. My brain begins calculating. It’s Wednesday night that means I need to get something in the mail for my father-in-law tomorrow in order to arrive by Saturday.

I flip that cart around like it was nobody’s business and fled to the gift cards. How personable is that?! Then, scramble to the greeting cards – the very section that was on my list to begin with but somehow managed to forget it on my first go-around.

And, there they were. The most terrible selection of Father’s Day cards. I’m not even being dramatic here. I don’t even think the classic beer and farting cards were out on display this year.

I managed to find a few that were deemed ok so that I could get one in the mail in time for the special day.

But on the drive home, it got me thinking, what the hell am I doing? Am I doing this for my fathers and my husband, or am I doing it for myself?

I can’t really answer that at this point.

But what I do know is that our fathers and my husband are all simple men. They appreciate life, like a little adventure and are all easy-going.

So, what can we give them that is meaningful and honest?

How about a song? If there is one thing I know about dads, they like a good song.

Maybe it’s a dance. Maybe it’s a playlist. Maybe it’s writing the lyrics in a card. Maybe it’s a social media post.

However you do it, here are my top songs to tell the men in my life they are awesome fathers.

1. He Didn’t Have to Be | Brad Paisley

2. A Love Without End, Amen | George Straight

3. Daddy’s Hands | Holly Dunn

4. Dance With My Father | Luther Vandross

5. My Father’s House | Bruce Springsteen

6. Daughters | John Mayer

7. Daddy Lessons | Beyoncé

8. Dance Like Yo Daddy | Meghan Trainor


Tell us. What’s your favorite song that honors fathers?



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