How a Nature Retreat Can Improve Your Health

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If you live in the Northwest, then you probably already appreciate nature. You might appreciate it more though when you learn just how much time spent in nature can improve our health.—

Parks Reduce Depression

When you head out to the woods or perhaps to the Columbia River Gorge, you probably get a feeling of satisfaction from the view. This positive emotion is definitely the most obvious benefit we get from nature, but there’s more to it than that. According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, nature can help reduce depression. Their study found that people living next to parks or forests received long-term mental health benefits when compared to people who lived in urban areas.

Gardens Improve Memory

Our mood isn’t the only aspect we can improve with a walk in the woods. The American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementias found that memory care patients in their study saw a decrease in symptoms after spending time outside in the garden.

Green Exercise Decreases Stress

If you like to spend time outdoors, you might want to consider doing your workout there as well. The International Journal of Health Research did a study comparing indoor and urban exercising to outdoor exercising in a green setting. They found that those who participated in “green exercise” had more of a positive impact on their health. They saw reduced stress in the way of lower blood pressure, boosted mood, and improved self esteem.

Forests Help Diabetes

For those suffering from Diabetes, heading out to the forest can help you too. According to a Japanese Study, walking between two to four miles actually lowers blood glucose levels. They found that something in forested environments positively impacts hormonal secretion levels and autonomic nervous functions.

Fields Curb ADHD

Spending time in nature is a great activity for someone suffering from ADHD. An Illinois Study found that children with ADHD performed better after spending time outside. While a walk down a tree-lined street was sufficient enough to see benefits, the children benefited even more after being in wide open green spaces.

Nature Improves Autism

Because autism is a communication disorder, it may be surprising that nature can reduce its symptoms. Nonetheless, the Journal of Autism Development Disorders found that children who spent time in natural environments had reduced response times, increased attention spans, and improved behavioral temperament. Additionally, when this type of environment is somehow incorporated into play areas, these children are more likely to have positive peer interactions.

Whether we need to retreat to nature to get some medical relief or simply to give our moods a boost, science seems to be encouraging us to take it.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting read about nature retreats. I actually didn’t know that kids with ADHD performed better once they spent some time outside. I’m a bit interested to learn if this is the case for adults as well. Either way, it seems like it could be beneficial to make sure that you leave time to do this, especially if it can affect your overall performance.

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