Life is Better in the Backwoods

Life is quiet here in Skamania County. The beautiful mountains protect us. The flow of the rivers runs through our hearts. And that’s why we locals call it home.

Sometimes we get overshadowed by the bright city lights and the big box stores.

But we are ok with that. We’ve got everything we need.

Like that of our local business scene. They embrace this community, they bring the community together and they are the gateway to the beauty of the land.

That’s why we want to take a moment to talk about one of our favorite joints to visit.

Welcome to the Backwoods.

Five years ago, the local Waters family founded the Backwoods Brewing Company and after pouring their heart and soul into craft beer, they’ve been winning the people’s vote, both locally and regionally.

And this stamp of approval allows the brewery to continue growing and growing.

And the best part is, everything they produce and sell embodies the area’s, well…., backwoods vibes.

They’ve got great beer.

PHOTO CREDIT: @disastertony

They’ve got great food.

They’ve got great merchandise.

And, they’ve got room for plenty of great company.

What more could you ask for?

As if the brewery wasn’t enough, Backwoods also makes soap! Yes, who would have thought? It’s quite delicious, so check out their site:


Now you can see why we’re extra proud to be partnering with Backwoods Brewing Company as our premier bartending service for all of our weddings and events at Gorge-ous Weddings at Wind Mountain Ranch.

For more awesome pics, and to keep up on what’s happening in their neck of the woods, follow Backwoods Brewing Company on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tell us, what’s your favorite Backwoods brew?


PHOTO CREDITS (unless otherwise noted): Backwoods Brewing Company


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