Winter Boots for the Family


If there was one rule my parents had from day one it was always have dry, warm feet. When your feet stay untouched from the elements, you can adventure all day long. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, happy feet equals happy family. Can you tell we spent a lot of time outdoors?

We had quite the collection of boots from tiny tots all the way to adults. The brand of choice in our household was Sorel. At some point in my adolescence I thought they were so hideous, but wore them anyways because that was the rule!

In all fairness, once my feet stopped growing I wore my last pair of Sorels for nearly 20 years until finely upgrading to a new pair of Joan of Arctics (see below) last year. They’re furry and warm and I love them.

Snow boot styles have surely soared over the years, bringing not only quality and technology to the table, but fashion, too. There’s something for everyone out there.

The only hard part is to spend the money. They don’t come cheap. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from my parents, snow boots are an investment. And if they last you 30 years – surely everyone can justify the reward in that.

Even though we are nearing the end of our winter here in the Pacific Northwest, now is the perfect time to buy a new pair of boots because a lot are on sale!

Here are a few of our favorites:



Free shipping on orders $150+

Women’s Joan of Arctic Boot | reg $180 | sale $114.90


Women’s Tivoli III Boot | reg $130 | sale $79.90


Men’s Caribou™ Wool Boot | reg $170 | sale $114.90


Men’s 1964 Premium™ T CVS Boot | reg $140 | sale $104.90


Children’s 1964 Pac™ Strap Boot | reg $70 | sale $34.98


Youth Yoot Pac™ Nylon Print Boot | reg $75 | sale $49.90



L.L. Bean

25% off your order using promo code GET25. Sale ends Tuesday, Feb 20

Women’s Bar Harbor Boots, Mid | reg $149 | with code $111.75


Women’s Waterproof Wildcat Boots, Insulated | reg $149 | sale $129 | with code $96.75


Men’s Gore-Tex Kangaroo Upland Boots, Moc-Toe Leather Insulated | reg $199 | with code $149.25


Men’s L.L. Bean Boots, 10″ Shearling-Lined | reg $229 | with code $171.75


Kids’ L.L.Bean Snow Boots | reg $79 | with code $59.25



North Face

Free shipping.

Women’s Purna Luxe Winter Boot | reg $165 | $115.50


Men’s Tsumoru Boot | reg $120 | sale $84



Youth Shellista Extreme | reg $70 | sale $49



Free standard shipping.

Women’s Saltwater Wedge Tide Shearling Duck Boot | reg $139.95 | sale $90.97


Men’s Decoy Shearling Duck Boot | reg $159.95 | sale $111.97



Tell us, what’s your go-to winter boot brand?




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